Cimline To Patch Holes with Sancton Equipment

Cimline Pavement Maintenance Group (CPMG) is very happy to announce that Sancton Equipment is the full line authorized dealer for Atlantic Canada.

Sancton has been supplying contractors with what they need to get the job done since 1910, when S. Norman Sancton started the firm. One hundred years and three generations later, they are still carrying on that tradition and CPMG represents the next milestone in this long history.

With facilities in St. John, New Brunswick, St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Halifax/Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Sancton has sales and after sales support throughout the region making them a recognized partner by serious contractors everywhere.

Tom Sancton summed it up this way: “We have been at this so long that we have tended to lead the way by introducing products and technologies that were new or not available down here. With Cimline and Durapatcher we are at it once again, bringing proven quality products to contractors and municipalities. I think the realization is setting in at all levels of government that we can’t sustain the build and forget mentality. CPMG will allow Sancton to offer municipalities and contractors the tools to sustain infrastructure so that ratepayers get value for money.”

Although not quite a centenarian, Cimline is the oldest and largest manufacturer of pavement maintenance equipment. Established in 1970, CPMG has continually grown and innovated to become the market leader in this field. With the addition of Durapatcher, CPMG offers customers a complete range of preventive and corrective pavement maintenance equipment, from crack filling and sealing to pothole repair and shoulder stabilization.

The age difference will not stop this couple from stepping up the pace and taking advantage of their combined strengths to deliver quality, performance and production to a whole new generation of road building and municipal customers.

Source: Cimline Pavement Maintenance Group

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