New Hydra-Jaw H2550 Offers Lowest Operating Costs for Mobile Units


Delivering lower operating costs to operators of wheeled or track-mobile units, the new Telsmith Hydra-Jaw Model H2550 is the result of advanced jaw crusher technology which increases uptime and production capacity, while streamlining operation and maintenance – and ensuring greater safety. At the heart of the low-cost operation of the H2550 is its unique hydraulic toggle system which features a heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder that is custom-engineered for crushing applications. The unit’s innovative hydraulic adjustment, relief and clearing systems eliminate costly downtime and prevent component damage, while also protecting workers from the risks typically associated with the operation and maintenance of older jaw crusher models. Ideally suited for the portable contractor, the FEA-designed H2550 is engineered as a low-profile unit with foot mounts located at mid level; and a sculpted main frame which reduces overall weight, yet offers optimal strength and reliability.

A closer look at the advanced hydraulic systems in the H2550 starts with the Hydraulic Adjustment. Its finger-tip control allows easy, frequent and fast adjustments versus the lengthy and often unsafe shim adjustments typical on traditional crushers. The Hydraulic Overload Relief system prevents crusher damage, downtime and difficult maintenance procedures by opening the crusher when internal forces become too high, allowing tramp metal or other non-crushable material to pass, and protecting the unit against costly component failure. After relief, the system automatically returns the crusher to the previous setting for continued crushing. Hydraulic Chamber Clearing allows the operator to safely and easily clear the crusher, allowing the crusher to start up again in as little as 15 minutes. The hydraulics will crush any materials that remain in the chamber and prevent any oversized material from impacting the product belt.

A section view of the Telsmith H2550 illustrates its additional cost-savings benefits. The unit offers a 635 mm by 1270 mm (25’’ x 50’’) feed opening which accepts larger feed. For maximum wear, the H2550 features interchangeable and reversible jaw dies; replaceable toggle ends; and an impact plate that protects the pitman. Plus, the grease lines are plumbed to a central distribution point for quick maintenance access.

Source: Telsmith, Inc.

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