Trespa® Meteon®: Enduring the test of time


In today’s architecture, longevity is a key consideration. Any building that remains looking good will continue to command attention. In addition to aesthetic considerations, there are cost implications too: a reduced need for maintenance brings additional savings in labour costs and cleaning materials.

Architects who are looking to create exciting and highly individual façades have long recognised that Trespa® Meteon® is a unique material that can make buildings stand out. The material’s inherent characteristics have inspired architects and designers to create outstanding and innovative buildings all over the world.

In order to demonstrate the long life performance of its panels, Trespa recently revisited three Trespa projects in Europe that were completed many years ago. Samples of the original façades were compared to newly produced Trespa Meteon panels. The results of this assessment revealed that at these projects, the Trespa Meteon has retained its outstanding good looks over the years.

A key example is a District Police Station in Rotterdam, the Netherlands designed and built in 1988. The building’s facility manager confirmed that material comparisons proved that the façade’s original colours had barely faded or changed. “The building is close to a main road and near a metro station. This type of location places high demands on a façade in terms of exhaust fumes and general pollution, as well as weathering. In 1988, we selected Trespa panels. In 2008, when we started work on extending the building, we realized that this was the right choice, because the brand new Trespa panels made 20 years later perfectly matched the originals. Overall, the insulation, back construction and panels were still in perfect shape.”

Because the building was being extended, Trespa was able to recover Trespa Meteon panels that had been exposed to the weather for 20+ years. By comparing samples of this “old” material with samples of brand new Trespa Meteon, it can be shown that there is no significant change in the colour of the samples.

According to Brechje Hanssen-Kuit, global marketing manager for Trespa, this demonstrates that Trespa Meteon is designed to last: “Going by our experiences over the last 20+ years, the material delivers on its promise. Trespa Meteon stays looking great for many years* – and needs little maintenance.” Mr.Hanssen-Kuit adds: “Over the next few months we will share these “old” and new samples with Architects, so they can examine the material – or show it to their clients – and see for themselves that Trespa Meteon contributes to beautiful and enduring façades.

Source: Trespa International b.v.


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