The Flex Forklift Safety System


Accu-Flex Safety, Inc., is pleased to announce Flex Forklift Safety System.

Reducing the risk of forklift incidents requires a safe work environment, a safe forklift, comprehensive worker training, and safe work practices. Statistics indicate that over 11% of all forklifts will be involved in some type of accident each year, and 42% of forklift fatalities are caused by the operator trying to jump from a tipping vehicle.

Forklift overturns are the leading cause of fatalities involving forklifts and represent about 25% of all forklift-related deaths. Conventionally, a forklift operator must use their own judgment whether a load can be lifted safely.

The Flex Forklift Safety System helps prevent both lateral and longitudinal forklift tip-over accidents by creating a visual and audible communication of unsafe load situations. A safer working environment is created as Flex helps to prevent overloading of equipment. In addition, escalating insurance costs, business disruptions, lengthy accident investigations, and potentially lethal operator injuries are prevented; Flex Saves Lives!

Flex 1500 & 2000 help create a new level of safety. Now operators can have an extra safety net in determining the load’s dynamics. Each Flex system comes with two sensors and one programmable control box with visual and audible communication and are available as a wired (Flex 1500) or wireless (Flex 2000) safety system.

Flex systems are calibrated to each individual forklift during installation. During the operation of the forklift, the Flex system continuously analyses the weight of the load as it relates to the lever effect based on the position of the load on the forklift and its height. This calculation is constantly transmitted to the control box located in the forklift cabin. The forklift operator is always able to see the lever effect weight of the load and will hear an audible alarm when the load reaches 95% of capacity and a much louder alarm at 100%, reminding the operator to STOP and adjust the load for safer operation.

Source: Accu-Flex Safety, Inc.


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