New Ammann ARX Tandem Rollers


Following their premiere at the Intermat in Paris, the new ARX generation of light tandem rollers will go into production in autumn 2012. Ammann's completely remodelled double vibratory rollers are specifically designed to compact asphalt and substrates on smaller and medium-sized building sites. The new ARX series from Ammann comprises 13 different models in weight categories from 1.5 to 4.8 t, with working widths from 820 to 1380 mm.

Customers have played a crucial part in the development of this new series of models. Before work on the redesign began, surveys were conducted among operators, construction companies, rental fleet operators and service staff, and the results were consistently put into practice with the help of Ammann's engineers. The new ARX series clearly displays the hallmarks of Ammann's products: quality, safety and optimal performance.

All the ARX models feature tried-and-tested technologies, such as the high-performance vibration system that has proven its merits over the years; another example is the newly designed and highly efficient hydraulic system, which is powered by cutting-edge Yanmar diesel engine technology to guarantee maximum reliability, economical consumption and compliance with the strict emission requirements in Europe and the US. The new hydraulic concept greatly increases the efficiency of the powertrain, enabling the diesel engine to be operated at significantly lower speeds – which in turn has the effect of reducing fuel consumption and engine noise. A biodegradable hydraulic oil can be used on request.

Models ARX 12 to ARX 20 are fitted with only one drum suspension unit as standard, so the driver can compact the substrate seamlessly right up to house walls or high kerbstones on both sides. A waisted base frame and angled drum suspension units combined with a seat that slides sideways give the driver the best possible direct view of the drum's edges. Machines in the ARX series are the only models on the market to offer variable compaction parameters for flexible, efficient applications that are matched to the materials.

Models ARX 36, ARX 40 and ARX 45 offer two amplitudes and two frequencies – the first time that machines in this category have provided these features, which ensure ideal adaptation to all asphalts and substrates. With an operating weight of 4.8 tonnes, the ARX 45 is Ammann's response to the market's requirement for a vibratory roller in the 5-tonne class for asphalting on midsize construction sites.

The articulated steering on the ARX models is fitted with Teflon-coated gliding bearings. This feature eliminates the need for manual relubrication throughout the machine's lifetime, thereby cutting maintenance costs and standstill times. There is excellent access to servicing and maintenance points, and a generous engine room opening provides easy access to the hydraulic and electrical systems and other servicing points.

ARX vibratory rollers are equipped as standard with the AVC (Ammann Vibration Control) system, which automatically prevents vibration when the machine is immobile, and compaction at excessive speeds. In this way, the AVC system guarantees asphalting of homogeneous quality. Electric drive control via the drive lever is featured for the first time on rollers of this class: sensitive application and release of the brake prevents the roller from pushing creases into the hot asphalt, and also avoids the formation of cracks.

A generously designed operator’s platform with vibration insulation, a simple and clearly laid out operating panel and the multi-functional drive lever form a unit that any driver will welcome for ergonomic reasons and more. The working area enables the driver to mount and dismount safely, as well as offering comfortable seating and intuitive roller operation. It is based on an individually adjustable sliding driver's seat fitted with matching armrests. All the operating elements are designed as durable rotary controls with a clear dashboard layout. Large water and diesel tanks allow for long working intervals, thus minimising standstill times and on-site logistics.

Tandem rollers often need to be transported between construction sites. The ATC (Ammann Traction Control) system prevents the front drum from spinning on the loading ramp. Generously dimensioned and easily accessible four-point lash rings are a major benefit for site personnel and hauliers, whilst significantly reducing loading times. Lashes can be crossed to guarantee that the machine is fixed on the transportation vehicle as safely as possible. A single-point suspension device is fitted for lifting by crane. The ROPS bracket can be folded away, ensuring that the machine's dimensions are compact so as to reduce transportation costs.

A wide range of optional accessories for the various market requirements in individual countries rounds out the features of the new ARX generation.

Source: Ammann Schweiz AG


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