Firestone Industrial Offers Xtra and Xtreme
Remote Air Command Products


Firestone Industrial Products Company, LLC offers two new Air-Rite™ air accessory systems designed to provide an instant air source to Firestone's complete line of air helper springs.

The new Xtra Duty Remote Air Command™ and Xtreme Duty Remote Air Command Systems each feature a wireless controller for easier installation. They also allow users to remotely adjust their vehicles for varying load conditions and inflate items such as motorcycle, truck and RV tires.

Firestone's Xtra Duty Remote Air Command system features the wireless controller, Heavy Duty compressor and a 1.9 l air tank. The Xtreme Duty Air Command system includes the wireless controller, an Xtreme compressor and a 7.5 l tank. The Xtreme Compressor has a 100% duty cycle at 6.9 bar (100 psi).

Designed to keep vehicles level and handling correctly, the air accessory systems provide convenient, instant adjustability of the air helper springs and continuous monitoring of the suspension.

Source: Firestone Industrial Products Company, LLC

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