GPS Tracking Without Recurring Charges


MINDS Inc. is pleased to officially announce the release of the PaveTag GPS/WiFi solution as an answer to providing cost effective fleet tracking and paver monitoring without recurring airtime costs. The near real-time solution provides important historical movement of fleets and utilizes WiFi infrastructure to upload GPS data, thus avoiding expensive cellular airtime costs. A one-time only charge for the tracking device allows you to have unlimited use of the system and access to the eRoutes™ web interface which provides mapping, graphical charts, reports and customizable mobile alerts of your fleet and paver/milling machine activity.

The system dynamically merges information like paver location, truck location and plant load-out data (tickets) to provide immediate and practical contextual information:

  • Truck ETA at job and plant, cycle time, transport time, waiting time per job and/or truck.
  • Tons made, tons loaded, tons in-transit and tons laid down.
  • Hauler, truck, driver performance comparison.
  • Paver performance report with a timeline of speed, start-stops, number of trucks available at jobsite.
  • Alerts and reports on mobile phones and smart phones.
  • Access to historical data.

The tracking device can be easily installed in the cabin of any vehicle and uses a store-and-forward logger for the geopositional information. Data is automatically uploaded when it connects to a known WiFi access point at the plant or paver/milling machine Internet hotspot.

A fixed geofence area is created for locations where you want to track the arrival and departure times of trucks and a mobile geofence is automatically created for pavers, MTV/Shuttle Buggies and milling machines.

With the adoption of PaveTag GPS, transportation managers can monitor the behavior of their assets in the field and view logistical information anywhere on a web browser and smartphone 24/7. The access to on-demand information is critical to making operational decisions.

Source: MINDS Inc.

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