RadarEye Combines Sight and Detection

Sight and active signaling come together with RadarEye. Orlaco has developed this radar unit to be used in addition to the camera-monitor systems. By combining this sight solution with an active signaling system, RadarEye offers additional safety and efficiency.

RadarEye compliments the camera-monitor system by emitting audible tones should someone or something appear in close proximity to the vehicle.

When an object or person enters the danger zone, the RadarEye sounds an audible alarm, then selects and activates the required camera. This is presented on the monitor by showing an overlay of a green, yellow and red signal zones. The audible urgency increases as the person or object moves through to the red zone. Everything that appears within this zone is brought into sight to prevent personal injury and or material damage.

The radar unit is not influenced by the environment, such as snow, rain, mud or temperature changes. Also it is water, shock, and vibration resistant. Since every application is unique, the operator can program the sensitivity in the monitor.

Watch a video of the RadarEye:

Source: Orlaco Products BV

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