A new Canadian-Swedish Partnership


Canadian manufacturer of mast climbing work platforms, Fraco Products Ltd, and its president Armand Rainville recently concluded an agreement with Krister Kempainen regarding the manufacturing in North America for construction elevators and industrial lifts.

Krister Kempainen, former CEO of Swedish company Alimak AB, has held similar positions in companies operating in the same markets. He works within the access systems industry for more than 25 years and has accumulated a tremendous knowledge over these types of equipment and the markets they are intended. He also has extensive experience in international markets.

The two businessmen were talking for more than two years, seeking the ideal formula to achieve their mutual interest in a strategic alliance. Mr. Rainville agrees that this partnership allows Fraco to take firm and permanent position in a market which he sought to pierce for the last six years. As he mentions, “to be associated with an expert such as Krister is a real dose of incredible adrenaline for Fraco’s employees. This
partnership is a huge step forward for Fraco and is consistent with the strategic plan put forward for the economic recovery.” On the other part, Mr. Kempanien could not hope for better association to finally penetrate the North American market: “the presence of Fraco in natural markets for construction elevators and industrial lifts will greatly facilitate the return of Swedish technology in North America. I have been in Quebec for a month and I see daily the huge market potential.”

These new access systems will be fully manufactured at Fraco’s facilities located southeast of Montreal. They will include raw materials and components from North America. This equipment will be commercialized under the brand Fraco and will be available for purchase and rental.

Source: Les Produits Fraco Ltd.


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