Tremco Introduces AlphaGuard
Fluid Applied Roofing Systems


In its efforts to provide building owners and facility managers with sustainable, durable roofing solutions, Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance is proud to announce its new AlphaGuard™ series of fluid applied roofing systems. The first, AlphaGuard MT, is a unique roofing and waterproofing system for use on almost any kind of roof needing restoration, for roof replacement, and for new construction.

“AlphaGuard MT is both very versatile and technologically advanced,” said Ed Buczek, the company’s AlphaGuard product manager. “The MT refers to its ‘moisture-triggered’ curing mechanism, which is far more dependable than the ‘moisture-cured’ mechanism of commodity coating systems. This benefits building owners, facility managers and occupants because it allows the roof to be installed and operational much more quickly, saving them time on the project as well as money. AlphaGuard MT is also very low odor, a bonus for those occupying the building while the roof is being installed. The system is easy to maintain and if the need arises is also easy to repair. Full warranties will help keep the AlphaGuard MT system sustainable for the long haul.”

“The AlphaGuard MT system is an excellent choice for restoring almost any kind of aging but still functional roof. This includes modified bitumen, built-up and single ply, as well as roofs with exposed or buried roof membranes that were applied to concrete,” he continued. “For use over metal, gypsum, cementitious wood fiber and concrete decking which requires standard insulation board, the AlphaGuard MT Plus system is available. This solution incorporates a tough, completely waterproof polyester base sheet set in odorless polyurethane adhesive beneath a full AlphaGuard MT system. This ‘belt and suspenders’ approach combines proven solid, redundant design with state-of-the-art moisture-triggered polyurethane technology.”

The AlphaGuard MT system is a single component, fully reinforced, aliphatic polyurethane, moisture-triggered roofing system composed of a base coat reinforced with a glass mat for durability and a top coat; both coats are applied with rollers, minimizing the amount of equipment that will be on a building’s roof. The white, highly reflective top coat can help lower a building’s energy usage and can be tinted to aesthetically match the building’s other roof levels. The system carries FM Approvals RoofNav ratings, is UL fire-rated, complies with the Florida Building Code and meets ASTM 7311. Additional benefits of the AlphaGuard MT system include excellent resistance to chemicals, traffic, hail and mold/mildew/fungus as well as superior cold weather flexibility, tensile strength and elongation properties that help make it extremely tough.

Source: Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance

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