Kawasaki Introduces the 70Z7 Wheel Loader

In a highly competitive and crowded class, Kawasaki’s new 70Z7 is a stand out. Like all the new Z7 wheel loaders, the 70Z7 has retained the IntelliTech functions such as the patented IntelliDig system, balancing rim pull force and hydraulic digging force to match conditions, the QuickCycle function, and the FlexShift feature, which matches shift points to the actual working conditions. But unlike its larger-sized classmates, the 70’s intelligence works behind the scenes, so many of its operations perform without human intervention. The 70 is also incredibly easy to run. Its high-intensity LCD monitor, straightforward dash arrangement, and intuitive systems make it ideal for rental purposes as well as operations where operator skills run the spectrum.

New T4i emissions technology means a more fuel-efficient and savvy loader. The 70Z7 is so smart it has reduced fuel usage considerably over the previous generations in this size class.

When it comes to power, the 70Z7 has it by the bucketful. It sports a 173 hp (gross) Cummins engine, a ZF 5-speed transmission, work mode selector, 50° bucket tilt-back angle for carrying, and a full turn tipping load of a whopping 10,340 kg. A Quick Power switch kicks in enough extra power to muscle through momentary tough spots, or in very challenging environments the Power Mode can be selected, although field tests show it isn’t required for even the most demanding applications.

Field tests are also reporting a vast improvement over previous generation fuel consumption. Now that’s attractive on all levels!

The 70Z7 is also quite versatile. Add a high lift arm configuration, or third spool hydraulics to that and you have a real workhorse for a variety of applications and environments.

When it comes to operator comfort and productivity, the 70Z7 also distinguishes itself from the crowd. In the cab, there’s improved visibility especially to the rear, ample air conditioning and heat, and lots of storage. The multifunction single-control lever simplifies tasks. The direct acting Orbitrol Steering responds quickly and accurately, minimizing operator effort. Combine that with the optional ride control and operators won’t leave the job site physically drained.

The 70Z7 was also designed with ease of maintenance in mind. The change to T4i also means the 70 has NO diesel particulate filter (DPF)! If you are concerned about regen, no worries here, no DPF, no regen. The adapted EGR technology reduces NOx and particulate matter. The automatic reversible cooling fan, along with the diesel fuel cooler, takes the worry out of heat and dust build-up as well.

Gull-wing doors provide easy access to the engine. Rear operational lights are safely tucked into the bumper/counterweight. The hydraulic oil-change service interval is extended up to 4,000 hours when KCM SuperEX46 fluid is used. The engine-oil service interval is extended to 500 hours with the use of low-ash CJ-4 oil. And the patented HN bushings, located throughout the front end of the loader, extend lubrication to 500 hours. Just what are HN bushings? High-viscosity oil is vacuum-impregnated into sintered high-hardness metal. During machine operation, that oil oozes from the pores of the bushing into the clearance between pins and bushing. HN bushings are located in the following pins: bucket, bucket link, bucket cylinder, bell crank, lift arm cylinder, lift arm pivot, and steering cylinder.

Kawasaki is the oldest ongoing manufacturer of rubber-tired, articulated, wheel loaders in the world, serving North America for over 35 years through its extensive, independent dealer network. KCMA Corporation offers 15 models, from 0.6 m3 à 10.3 m3 loaders.

Source: KCMA Corporation


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