First SDLG Wheel Loader in North America Goes to Saskatchewan!

Double K Excavating, based out of Tuxford, Saskatchewan, has purchased the first SDLG wheel loader sold in North America.
The company purchased the LG959 model to perform a wide array of duties for its 30-year old excavating business. Among the LG959’s many tasks will be underground water and sewage work, road construction, lagoon building, material handling and more.
Cole Koch, superintendent and part-owner of the family-operated company, said he found SDLG’s LG959 to be an ideal machine for Double K’s needs.

“A wheel loader isn’t something we use for 10 to 12 hours a day, every day. We look at it as a support machine,” he said. “Some days it will get 8 hours, some days only 2 or 3. So it doesn’t make sense for us to purchase a more expensive, premium machine.”
Koch was also impressed by many of the LG959’s features, and after only a few days of working with the machine, felt the wheel loader lived up to its quality reputation. He is even considering purchasing another one next Spring.

“It’s been great working with the LG959 so far,” he said. “The engine runs well, the machine has a lot of power and the hydraulics function smoothly. It’s done great at starting in cold weather, too. The cab is pretty roomy compared with other brands – it has great visibility.”

Double K purchased the LG959 from Regina-based Redhead Equipment, one of SDLG’s seven North American dealers. The two companies have been doing business together for several decades.

Dean Wolfe, salesman with Redhead Equipment, said the attractive price of the LG959, as well as Double K’s particular needs, convinced the company to purchase the new SDLG wheel loader over a more expensive used machine from another brand.

“Double K wasn’t looking for a 2,000-hour-a-year wheel loader,” he said. “For the limited number of hours the machine would run and for the amount of money the company wanted to spend, it made more sense to purchase a brand new SDLG machine with a 1,500-hour warranty than a used machine from another brand.” Mr. Wolfe also said the LG959’s ease of use was a factor in the purchase.

Source: Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (SDLG)

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