Immaculate Colored Asphalt Thanks to the SUPER 1303-3i

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Ludwigsburg Palace in the German state of Baden-Württemberg is a jewel of baroque architecture. Also known as the “Swabian Versailles”, it once served as the residence of the kings of Württemberg. Today, the sumptuously appointed rooms are used for state receptions and cultural events. The expansive palace grounds are open to the public and the “Blühende Barock” – or Blossoming Baroque – permanent garden show is a popular attraction for locals and visitors, especially in summer.

A number of pavement rehabilitation measures were recently implemented in the south gardens of the park. These included the redesign of the entrance area and rehabilitation of the gravelled footpaths with colored asphalt, as they often became muddy in bad weather.

Maneuvrable Compact Class paver
This project was ideal for the new “dash 3” paver SUPER 1303-3i. The highly maneuvrable wheeled Compact Class paver was designed specifically for construction jobs like these. Equipped with the new AB 340 TV Extending Screed, it performs admirably not only in parks, but also on small urban roads, service roads, combined foot and cycle paths and small to medium-sized areas.

Screeds on a whole new level
The team of contractors Gottlob Brodbeck GmbH & Co. KG headed by site manager Michael Schifer was eager to see the new paver and screed in action. Following the development of the “dash 3” paver generation, the AB 340, AB 500 and AB 600 Extending Screeds were also raised to the next technological level. Foreman Jernail Sing defines the requirements: “The most important factor for us in this project was that the screed worked perfectly and ensured maximum evenness. This is crucial as colored asphalt is a very unforgiving material.” Any concerns he may have had vanished as the AB 340 TV fulfilled all expectations. The required evenness of +/- 3 mm over a longitudinal distance of 3 m was complied with flawlessly and a crown with a 2% slope was also finished in perfect quality.

Absolutely uniform heating
One key factor for the outstanding result was the new electric screed heating system. The team was impressed by the significantly reduced warm-up time and the particularly uniform heating of screed plates and tamper bar. Both of these factors were decisive in producing an absolutely uniform pavement surface. “Even when we had to briefly raise the screed to reposition the paver, the temperature remained constant,” reports Henrique Santos, paver operator. “And that was despite a blustering icy cold wind.”

New screed console
But the new “dash 3” paver had even more to offer. After all, it boasts numerous innovative features, such as the newly designed ErgoPlus 3 operating consoles, that make working with it even easier and more accurate, contributing significantly to the pavement quality. Among other features of the screed console, Peter Nowak, screed operator, was particularly impressed by the innovative “SmartWheel” for controlling the pave width: “Extending and retracting the screed with the adjusting wheel is very convenient and works without even having to look at it.” He was also enthusiastic about the new, brilliant color display, which boasts outstanding readability even in glaring sunshine.

“AutoSet Basic” saves settings
One feature was unbeatable when repositioning the paver in the historical grounds of Ludwigsburg Palace: the new “AutoSet Basic” comfort function. Simply pressing the Execute button once stores the settings of various paving functions and readies the paver for a move on the job site. After repositioning, pressing the button again reactivates the previous settings. This guarantees the utmost precision.

Small transport width
The small transport width of the paver was just 1.85 m – another major advantage when maneuvring between bollards and ticket kiosks. In fact, the Brodbeck team reduced the width even further by temporarily removing the mounts for the automatic grade and slope control system. “It only took a minute,” says Mr. Schifer. Thanks to the newly developed “Pivot Steer” steering brake, which reduces the torque of the rear inside wheel, the wheeled paver can almost turn on the spot. This greatly enhanced the maneuverability of the machine.

Mr. Schifer’s conclusion after completion of the work was unequivocal: “The SUPER 1303-3i is extremely maneuvrable and simultaneously achieves high laydown rates. It paved the new colored asphalt in superb quality and it blends in perfectly with the baroque ensemble of Ludwigsburg Palace.”

Source: Joseph Vögele AG,
Wirtgen America Inc.

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