New, Streamlined Hydraulic Breaker Attachment Line

Atlas Copco’s new, Essential (ES) breaker attachments give rental centers and contractors a fast return on investment by simplifying maintenance and operation.

Atlas Copco created the ES Range as an economical and user-friendly option for general construction projects and light demolition.

The new ES Range includes 3 models, the ES 60, ES 70 and ES 80. These models are remarkably narrow to promote good visibility and handling on worksites. The slim design also results in faster cleanup. For example, operators can cut narrow and precise trenches for plumbing installation applications without removing excess soil to accommodate the breaker’s size.

The ES breakers feature Atlas Copco’s exclusive, solid body construction that combines percussion and mounting components in one uniform structure. This eliminates the need for external fasteners, which allows rental center mechanics to quickly and easily replace wear bushing and seals, resulting in fast turnaround times for repairs and maintenance.

Atlas Copco designed the ES breakers with a central lubrication point that contractors can quickly and easily access to grease the breaker. The breakers also feature full-length floating bushings to ensure grease fully coats bushings and tool steel to minimize wear. The breakers enhance productivity with a nitrogen-gas assist system that works with the units’ hydraulic oil to accelerate the breakers’ pistons and achieve impact rates as high as 1,300 blows per minute.

The 3 ES breakers attach to a wide range of carriers in weight classes that range from nearly 3 t to over 12 t. Operators can use the breakers in conjunction with Atlas Copco’s tool steel, such as a moil point, chisel or blunt, to break through a variety of materials. The moil points and chisels are ideal for breaking apart sedimentary rock and soft to medium-hard metamorphic rock. They also help contractors work efficiently as they move from non-reinforced to reinforced concrete.

The blunt tool can be used to shatter medium-hard to hard metamorphic rock and igneous material. And with Atlas Copco’s asphalt cutter tool, operators can accurately cut sections of asphalt or through frozen ground.

Source: Atlas Copco

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