Significant Fuel Savings and Improved Excavator Handling with DYNAVIS®-Formulated Hydraulic Fluid

With a focus on efficiency, civil engineering company Schrode was immediately intrigued when they heard
about the fuel-saving potential offered by hydraulic fluids formulated with DYNAVIS® technology. In a standard
and rock milling job, they decided to put this high efficiency hydraulic fluid to the test. They exchanged the conventional
hydraulic fluid fill in their New Holland and Liebherr excavators with a commercial high-performance
hydraulic fluid formulated to DYNAVIS® technology standards. The results were so impressive, Schrode has
decided to change-out their entire fleet to DYNAVIS®-formulated hydraulic fluid.

Based in southern Germany, Schrode GmbH proudly delivers what they describe as “the most sophisticated and
advanced level of services“ in their construction segment.

Founded in 1994, the company is active in civil engineering, road building, garden design and construction, landscaping, water engineering and in building natural stone walls.

Owner and CEO Rainer Schrode is also chairman of Maschinentechnik Schrode AG (MTS). MTS AG specializes in the development and production of innovative accessory attachments for excavators, such as compactors and screening buckets – all operated hydraulically and connected to a full automatic hydraulic quick coupler. Their products deliver maximum efficiency to civil engineering construction projects.

New Holland’s E235 SR-LC is a 24 ton hydraulic excavator equipped with a 158 hp diesel engine. Over the eight weeks of the Schrode test, it was used in several civil engineering construction projects where the standard bucket was frequently changed-out for a rock mill, a compactor or a screening bucket.

In addition, continuous operation in combination with high oil flow rates also characterized the excavator’s test conditions.

Over the 8 weeks of the test, significant fuel savings were observed. The time between refueling stops increased to 2 days, compared with one and a half days previously. And according to the operator, the DYNAVIS®-formulated hydraulic fluid also clearly improved the handling of the excavator.

"For us, it is of utmost importance to be constantly faster and more efficient than our competitors." says Rainer Schrode. "This applies to the construction services we provide as well as to our accessory attachments business. A hydraulic fluid formulated to DYNAVIS® technology standards saves between 10 and 15 %fuel in mixed mode and up to 25% with heavy stone milling. This has convinced me of the value of DYNAVIS® technology and it demonstrates that DYNAVIS® technology fits perfectly into our current business model. We are also testing DYNAVIS® technology in our Liebherr R924C excavator. Here we see an even greater potential for savings.”

”With the new oil in the hydraulic system, fuel stops have been reduced significantly," says Dieter Pukowski, excavator operator, Schrode GmbH. "Instead of refueling after one and a half days, I can work non-stop for two days straight. Plus, when simultaneously activating different functions, for example, pivoting and compacting, there’s no more power loss. This oil change was really worth it!“

Source: Evonik Industries


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