The Cobra PROi Gas-Powered Breaker with Electronic Fuel Injection

Atlas Copco is the first to introduce a petrol breaker with electronic fuel injection (EFI), a technology which offers significant benefits for users. The Cobra PROi provides up to 10% more power at all working speeds, while optimal combustion gives up to 10% savings on fuel consumption. The machine is easy to start in almost any climate, or at any altitude, and the breaker requires less routine maintenance.

At first glance the new Cobra PROi looks like other petrol breakers in the Cobra range. The only differences are that the trigger with kill-switch has been moved from the left to the right handle, and the kill-switch is now a button. Also, with fuel injection no choke is needed.

An integrated mechanical fuel pump employs a unique system that keeps constant pressure to the regulator without the help of electricity. While standard EFI systems require 3 bar pressure in the fuel system, thanks to custom-made injectors the Cobra PROi’s low pressure EFI system needs just 0.2 bar. This approach minimizes pressure variations and voids in the fuel, ensuring smooth running.

Putting the operator first is embedded in Atlas Copco’s DNA, and the Cobra PROi is a good example. Hand-arm vibration level on 3 axes is below 4 m/s2, and the machine is light. Weighing just 24 kg, it is no problem to carry around and fits easily in the trunk of a car. Starting is easy in any conditions; the ECU (Engine Control Unit) wakes up during the first revolutions when the user pulls the starter cord.

When it comes to maintenance, since the Cobra PROi stays in tune, requirements are low. The high capacity air filter gives a longer lifetime and is easily accessed for fast servicing.

Source: Atlas Copco


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