TrucBrush Helps a Landscape Contractor Expand his Business


TrucBrush, a patented mobile device that operates off the hydraulics of a loader, has allowed snow contractors like Mark J. Aquilino, owner of Outdoor Pride Landscape & Snow Management, to expand his snow services by offering a fast, safe and effective method to clear snow off his clients’ trucks, trailers and bus rooftops.

“In the past, a snow contractor could only offer to manually clear snow from fleets, which is a labor intensive and highly risky practice and one that many insurance companies no longer insure for,” says Mr. Aquilino. “Last year, my company was able to differentiate itself from the competition in the bid process for a new airport freight terminal by offering TrucBrush Services.”

“We were awarded the contract and they were very pleased with how fast, effective and safe TrucBrush is. We now have more opportunities with other facilities to expand our business due to TrucBrush,” he adds.

“TrucBrush’s customer service is outstanding. They not only spend the time to educate you on the product, but they provided our company with a customizable webinar presentation and marketing materials that allowed us to easily sell this service. TrucBrush also offers product training and technical support,” concludes Mr Aquilino.

TrucBrush Corporation sells and supports Fortune 500 companies and has been recognized for its innovation both by the media and the transportation and snow industries. A large Boston-based freight forwarding manager nominated TrucBrush as a Snow Business Magazine All-Star Company, the Boston Globe selected TrucBrush Corporation’s patent as one of the top ten brightest ideas to come out of the Bay State, and both the national Snow & Ice Management Association and the Smaller Business Association of New England awarded TrucBrush with a 2016 innovation award.
Their patented product and methodology is not only making highway travel safer, but they have also brought safety and efficiencies to the overall snow management at facilities.

Source: TrucBrush Corporation

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