Water Recycling System for
Vactor 2100 Plus Sewer Cleaner


Vactor Manufacturing introduced an exclusive water recycling system available as an option for the Vactor 2100 Plus combination sewer cleaner. The innovative system reuses water already in the sewer to clean sewer lines, providing the potential to eliminate the need for clean water and saving thousands of gallons of clean water during every shift.

In addition to the clean water saved, Vactor’s water recycling system can increase operator productivity by up to 100%, enabling operators to clean twice the number of lines. This productivity gain is the result of eliminating time spent refilling the water tank, including the time spent breaking the jobsite down and driving to a hydrant or water filling facility to refill the tank.

Communities protect people and the environment through maintenance of their sewer systems to prevent overflows, thereby avoiding the potential health risks and financial penalties associated with those overflows. The ability to recycle the water used for sewer cleaning maximizes existing resources and reduces operating costs.

Source: Vactor Manufacturing, Inc.

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