Highly Chemical Resistant Epoxy Novolac Flooring System
Specified for Effluent Treatment Plant in British Columbia

Flowcrete’s high performance epoxy Novolac resin flooring system, Flowcoat SKN, has been installed at the Cache Creek landfill site located in the rural heartland of British Columbia.

Flowcoat SKN – in a striking blue shade – was specified for use in the on-site wastewater treatment plant, which collects and treats effluent generated through precipitation entering the landfill as well as moisture secreted from decomposing waste material. The plant facilitates the discharge of treated water to a sanitary sewer or water body.

Over recent years, on-site leachate treatment has become an increasingly popular alternative to the high costs and stringent criteria associated with hauling leachate to a third-party wastewater treatment plant.

For the past 20 years the Cache Creek landfill site has been used as a large transfer station for the City of Vancouver, however following the expiration of the previous operator’s contract was closed in December 2016.

The plant is currently being used to treat groundwater effluent as part of the on-going post closure care and maintenance process.

Daily operations at the plant can potentially expose the floor to spillage of concentrated leachate, sulphuric acid (98%), sodium hydroxide (50%) and biocides.

Discussions with the general contractor and customer led to the specification of Flowcoat SKN as a protective surface coating system on account of its high level of chemical resistance and easily cleaned finish subject to proper housekeeping practices.

Flowcoat SKN is a 100% solids epoxy Novolac coating system, ideal for harsh chemical and solvent resistant applications, best suited for use in secondary containment, solvent storage, pump pads, trenches and other high exposure areas. Flowcoat SKN offers a higher chemical resistance grade to standard epoxies and polyurethane coating systems.

The material was installed by Flowcrete STAR approved applicator, Marvellous Ideas – a team of specialists in concrete repair, restoration and preparation based in Kelowna and Vancouver.

Speaking of the Cache Creek project, Don Podolsky – owner of Marvellous Ideas – said, “The aggressive nature of the chemicals used in daily processes at the wastewater treatment plant proved a challenge when it came to selecting a suitable protective floor coating.”

“Even just intermittent spillage of chemicals used could lead to severe corrosion of the surface over time. As such, only Novolac epoxy offered the chemical resistance profile required to hold up to the client’s requirements. The resulting floor looks fantastic.”

Cache Creek is currently operating only for local residences, however, with the go-ahead for an extension to the site will re-open under a new operator in 2018.

The landfill extension will have the same capacity as the original Cache Creek Landfill, about 10,000,000 t, and has a slightly larger footprint.

Source: Flowcrete Group Ltd.

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