At a Distance

Jakob offers another standard series and customer-specific solution for bridging large center distances: the EKHZ series based on elastomer couplings of the EKH series. It is designed mainly for applications with medium operating speeds.

It covers a torque range from 20 to 1600 Nm (15 to 1180 lbf ft) and allows maximum speeds of 3500 rpm at the minimum length of 50 cm. It is suitable for shaft diameters from 10 to 100 mm. Generally, the achievable maximum length of the EKHZ series is 3 m.

The EKHZ series makes it possible to reduce vibrations efficiently. The degree of vibration damping can be adjusted by the Shore hardness of the compensation elements. The plastic stars used have 2 advantages: even without the half-shell design, the couplings can be easily installed because they are pluggable. In addition, the plastic acts thermally and electrically insulating. Due to the properties of the material employed, these couplings can only be used up to 90°C, whereby the permissible transmission torque is reduced with increasing temperature.

Source: Jakob-Gruppe

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