Compact In-Cab Inclinometer Reduces the Risk of Accidents
During Tipping

JOST has introduced a new range of Edbro inclinometers which will bring improved levels of safety to tipping operations. The inclinometer constantly monitors the angle of the rear end of the tipper and stops its operation if a dangerous angle is being approached.

The tipping angle is measured constantly while a simple in-cab control unit allows the driver to monitor the operation. The unit also highlights when the truck may be on an uneven or inclined surface, which could compromise the safety of tipping operations. The provision of accurate information takes the pressure off the driver, who can make informed decisions about tipping based on real data.

An automatic lock-out function can be installed on the tipping mechanism to prevent actuation beyond identified danger points. This obliges the driver to lower the body and reposition the vehicle onto more even ground before recommencing tipping.

Edbro sets this safety angle at 3°, just below the point of instability for some tippers. However a manager’s key is also provided, so that this can be adjusted in conjunction with advice from the trailer builder.

Highly cost effective and significantly more compact than pervious designs, the control unit provides a clear, high visibility LED display. The unit measures 106 mm x 67 mm x 22 mm, so it fits unobtrusively into most cabs. Its IP52 environmental protection rating means it is dust and splash proof hense able to withstand the rigors of life in a truck cab.

The inclinometer has a measuring range from 0° to 9.9°, while its accuracy and repeatability are both 0.1°. The sensor unit measures 110 mm x 55 mm x 25 mm and, along with its connectors, is IP69K rated, meaning it is protected against the harshest environmental conditions, bad weather and high pressure washdowns.

It can run on either a 12 V or 24 V current and is supplied as a full kit including the display unit with mounting bracket, the sensor unit, a cut-off valve, power/valve cable, sensor cable, trailer cable, fuse, manager’s key, all the required fastenings and even multi-language fitting instructions.

“Images of trucks that have rolled over because they have become unstable due to an excessive tipping angle are absolutely haunting,” says Peter Smith, sales director for JOST UK Ltd. “By providing accurate information and pre-emptive warnings our new inclinometer eliminates the need for the driver/operator to rely on guesswork. As such it will be a significant contribution to tipper safety and efficient operation. It should prove popular with both installers and drivers because it is more compact, easier to fit and simpler to use than many alterative solutions.”

Source: JOST UK Ltd.

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