Clear Snow Off Tractor-Trailers and Step Decks Safely with TrucBrush®

The patented attachment to clear accumulated snow from truck, trailer and bus rooftops called TrucBrush® is also now available for flatbed and low step deck snow clearing. TrucBrush is fast clearing snow and icy debris from all different heights of large vehicles in under a minute. Designed for optimal clearing, the polypropylene-bristled attachment quickly connects to, and is powered by, a front-end loader. The mobile method allows snow service vendors and fleet maintenance personnel to quickly, effectively and safely clear snow off multi-heighted vehicles prior to transit.

“We are proud to offer TrucBrush through our dealer distribution channel in Canada,” said TrucBrush Corporation vice president Debora Babin Katz. “TrucBrush is able to handle such a multitude of fleet heights and the all-polypropylene bristles provides outstanding performance, including on non-flat surfaces,” she said. “We have eliminated the need for any employee or snow service contractor to be on or near the tops of trailers, buses, intermodal containers and now flatbeds and step-decks which are as slick and dangerous to manually clear snow from,” she added.

In 2016, TrucBrush Corporation was recognized for its innovative attachment by the New England Business Association and the Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA) for outstanding innovation, support and customer service. TrucBrush® represents an opportunity for snow service contractors to expand their businesses.

“TrucBrush is really the first device that is easily outsourced to a facility’s snow service contractor,” said David Kane of Caruso Companies. “It is easy to operate, incredibly mobile, quick, effective and you can easily interchange it for a snow pusher or bucket,” he said.

Source: TrucBrush Corporation

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