BOMAG Launches the BF 200 Paver

BOMAG recently launched the new BF 200 cart path and small construction site paver. It is available for the first time in North America. At just 6,000 kg operating weight and 1.3 m transport width, this compact and nimble paver can be transported to jobsites on a trailer.

At home paving paths, on the golf course and road rehabilitation projects, the paver’s narrow 1.1 m track width fits in the cut of a 1.2 m cold planer to boost efficiency of mill-and-fill applications.

The hydraulically extendible electric screed offers base paving widths ranging from 1.1 m to 2.0 m. Manual screed extensions feature Quick Coupling technology with a locking wedge-and-socket design to quickly extend paving widths to 3.4 m. Available reduction skids allow contractors to pave as narrow as 0.41 cm wide, significantly increasing the paver’s flexibility.

The BF 200 paver boasts patented BOMAG MAGMALIFE technology that heats the screed up to paving temperatures in approximately 20 minutes. This exclusive BOMAG MAGMALIFE design casts heating elements into a single aluminum block for superior thermal conductivity. In addition to quick heating, MAGMALIFE delivers higher uptime guaranteed and more uniform heat distribution throughout the screed bottom for a tight mat texture without scuffing or tearing.

A 2-level operator platform design provides the best view to both the hopper and paver sides without compromise. Offering single-operator capability, this new BOMAG paver helps to lower labor costs as well as long-term operating costs. Equipped with an automatic steering radius system, the paver easily matches and holds cart path radius, while conveniently allowing the operator to focus on other paving functions.

While compact size, the machine’s large 4.5 t hopper capacity provides extended paving intervals between loads. Optional hydraulically unfolding hopper wings deliver convenient loading with an end loader. Alternatively, for mill-and-fill paving, the hopper’s 3,0 m width easily accommodates truck loading, while the paver offers the traction and power required to push the truck.

Powered by a fuel-efficient 74 hp (55 kW) diesel engine, the BF 200 paver requires no diesel particulate filter (DPF) or diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) aftertreatment to meet stringent Tier 4 final emissions regulations. BOMAG ECOMODE active engine and hydraulics management system reduces fuel consumption by up to 20% standard mode operation. By delivering fast screed heat-ups, MAGMALIFE further lowers fuel consumption to reduce the paver’s total cost of ownership.

Source: BOMAG Americas

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