Deere Releases New Grade Control Level Best® Box Blades

John Deere is pleased to add 3 new models to its referral attachments line from the leading manufacturer of grading attachments, Level Best®. The new grade control-ready Level Best Dual Mast PD Series box blades will improve productivity on John Deere skid steers and compact track loaders.

Level Best box blades are available in Topcon ready 2D precision grading and 3D precision grading options. The 2D Level Best PD Series comes ready to produce precise 2D grading by working seamlessly with laser transmitters. The 2D system automatically adjusts the elevation by controlling the lift and tilt of the attachment to maintain vertical accuracy and smooth grading performance. The Level Best PD Series Grading Box System adjusts dozens of times per second to ensure a smooth grade with tight tolerances – ideal for precision grading.

Level Best designed the PD Series to take advantage of the push-pull directional work style of skid steer loaders for maximum production.

For jobs that demand 3D grading, Level Best grading boxes come ready to be used with Topcon GPS, robotic total stations or sonic technology. The grading box comes installed with the cables needed to work with Topcon 3D GPS. This allows customers to use the Topcon GPS systems they currently use on other machines. The main components can be installed on the grading box for a plug-and-play solution.

The 3 box blade models offer customers a range of capabilities based on their needs. With a box width ranging from 183 cm to 244 cm. The PD-72, PD-84 and PD-96 require machines equipped with half-inch quick-connect couplers and a 14-pin auxiliary electrical connector with live power. Rear counterweight is not required to use these models, but will improve stability during use.

Source: Deere & Company

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