Toyota and Fenix Demonstrate First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric UTR

Toyota and Fenix Marine Services announced the very first Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric UTR (Utility Tractor Rig) in conjunction with the 43rd Fuel Cell Seminar and Energy Exposition, held in Long Beach, California, last November.

The UTR prototype, known as “UNO,” made its first productive moves around the Fenix container terminal in October, but the formal announcement was made before a crowd of leading officials, operators, industry experts and supply chain innovators.

The UNO was imagined and developed by Toyota engineers and deployed at the Fenix terminal as a test of how zero-emission container handling equipment could operate in a real-world, marine terminal environment.

Fenix’s terminal in the Port of LA, handles over 1 million containers per year. The deployment of the UNO will help to meet its ongoing commitment to the port’s clean air goals.

The San Pedro Bay Clean Air Action Plan (CAAP) passed in 2008 and updated most recently in 2018, focuses on the increased use of near-zero and zero-emission container handling equipment by 2030 in order to meet, and exceed, statewide air emission goals.

The UNO is powered by the same modular fuel cell foundation as Toyota’s Mirai electric passenger cars and Project PORTAL electric semi-truck prototypes. The hydrogen fuel provides quicker refueling time than battery-electric options. The first UNO test cycle at Fenix ran for 2.5 hours per trial on the rail and consumed one fill of its 2 hydrogen tanks. Additional tanks can be added for the desired range and can be filled in around 3 minutes, allowing much quicker options to get back on the road than battery.

Source: Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

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