Brokk Increases Safety and Productivity in Confined Spaces
With Shaft and Tunneling Tools




Brokk offers a range of attachments ideally suited for shaft and tunneling applications. The attachments are perfectly matched with Brokk’s remote-controlled demolition robots to provide the best possible performance, allowing contractors to excel in underground and confined space operations. The range of attachments includes Brokk’s BHB hydraulic breaker series, as well as drum cutters, buckets, TEI Rock Drill series and the C20 Rock Splitter series.

“Demolition is often the first thing that comes to mind when people think of Brokk, but our customers prove, time and again, that with the right attachment these machines are capable of so much more,” said Lars Lindgren, president of Brokk Inc. “From opening a face to installing rock bolts, Brokk machines provide unparalleled productivity and safety throughout the tunnel development process.”

Brokk robots are engineered starting at the tip of the breaker for maximum compatibility. This includes reducing back pressure and optimizing machine oil flow, oil pressure and down pressure to allow for more hydraulic power while using less energy. The result is that pound for pound, Brokk demolition robots provide the highest power-to-weight ratios in the industry, allowing contractors to substitute robots for much larger excavators, and achieve the same removal rates.

The BHB series includes 8 breaker models, starting with the 50-kg BHB 55 breaker for the compact Brokk 70 and going all the way up to the 1,500-kg BHB 1500 for the new Brokk 900, which is ideal for heavy-duty tunnel and demolition applications.

For detailed excavation applications such as contouring and trenching, Brokk’s drum cutters offer an ideal solution. Brokk also offers a range of bucket attachments to increase versatility for digging, loading, sorting and separation of materials and debris.

“In tunneling, you never know exactly what’s behind the rock face, so having the right tool is important,” said Mr. Lindgren. “We work with industry experts to make sure our tunneling and mining attachments provide the power, precision and versatility necessary for tackling difficult underground tasks. With a suite of these attachments, Brokk owners can streamline operations and increase efficiency.”

The TEI Rock Drill series is a collaboration between Brokk and TEI Rock Drills. The 6 drills bring Goliath-sized drilling power in a David-sized package for mining and tunneling applications. Drill controls are integrated into Brokk’s ergonomic remote for easy “one button” operation. The Brokk/TEI combination eliminates fatigue caused by operating the heavy handheld tools, improves overall drilling accuracy and promotes safety by allowing operators to stand farther away from the drilling site.

In tunneling and underground operations, the C20 Rock Splitter series provides contractors with a safe and quiet alternative to explosives and hydraulic breakers. The series works with Brokk 300 models and larger to quickly break up large boulders and solid rock in mining and shaft sinking applications as well as cross passage work in tunneling. For vertical applications, contactors can choose between the C20 C and C20 V. The C20 H can be used in horizontal applications, while the C20 J offers optimal flexibility, operating both horizontally and vertically.

Source: Brokk Inc.

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