A Breath of Fresh Air


Giving compressors a full extended second life is more than just good business for Atlas Copco. The company is committed to the circular economy and nearly every compressor has the ability to be renewed and sent back out into the world for a whole new adventure in the field. And second life does not have to mean second class: users can expect that their OEM revitalized, and modernized compressors perform just like new. They are also typically less expensive to buy than new and can play an important role in offsetting climate change.

“With new equipment supply tight, providing a steady source of quality reconditioned used compressors is a sound – and sustainable – alternative,” said Dominic Fancini, of Atlas Copco Portable Air Division.

More than 300 compressors flow through the company’s refurbishment center in Poland. Here, a team of engineers take the most promising used units, inspect them, evaluate the economies of renewal, strip them, and bring them back to market-leading reconditioned status.

“Today, the new compressor market is booming,” added Mr. Fancini. “But these same machines will – in 3-or-5-years’ time – find themselves coming onto the second-hand market. We need to get ready for that influx and have the resources in place to give the best of them an extended and second life.

But not all used compressors qualify for renewal. Some have had a hard life and the work involved in bringing them back up to a standard a premium brand like Atlas Copco could endorse reselling means that only the cream of the crop is selected. To find these, Atlas Copco scours the world looking for the best examples to recondition.

There are only positives when it comes to giving used compressors a second life. It is good business, it opens the Atlas Copco brand to a new customer base that might not otherwise buy new machines, and it is good for the environment.

Source: Atlas Copco

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