Brokk at Bauma 2022


Brokk introduced 3 new products at Bauma 2022 last October in Munich, Germany. These include the Brokk Grapple Saw (BGS 15), the Brokk Surface Grinder (BSG 530) and My Brokk.

The BGS 15 combines a grapple and a cold cutting saw. It can cut metal pipes with a diameter of up to approximately 200 mm and grab and sort material without changing the attachment. Compatible with the Brokk 110, Brokk 170 and Brokk 200, the BGS 15 cuts both fixed material and loose scrap without creating sparks that pose a fire risk. A Brokk robot, paired with this attachment, brings compact power to large cutting tasks in tight spaces.

The Brokk BSG 530 offers a remote-controlled method to safely and efficiently strip plaster, contaminated material, tile adhesive and paint off walls, ceilings and floors. Suitable for the Brokk 170, Brokk 200 and Brokk 300, the BSG 530 removes material through constant contact and high pressure on the surface, resulting in a more even, consistent removal over large areas that is not possible with handheld grinding tools. The BSG 530 is particularly useful when it comes to handling hazardous materials, such as asbestos, where operator safety is key. The attachment can also be used for surface preparation and polishing through the addition of different tools.

The new My Brokk, an online portal that combines multiple services, including Brokk Connect, a document library and a Webshop into a single resource, allows users to access Brokk Connect to monitor and manage their machines.
Bauma also marked the first time the Brokk 900 was displayed at an exhibition. It is the world’s most powerful demolition robot, with 25% more output than its predecessor, in the same compact package for its reach and performance.

Source: Brokk AB

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