New & vibro-reduced pick hammer


Vibration-reduction is becoming a very important issue. The new CP 0017 hammer has been designed with Chicago Pneumatic's vibration reduction technology. The design makes it comfortable and easy to handle, and also helps keeping performance up, because the operator will not get tired as quickly as when using a conventional tool.

Complying with the latest European Union Directive (NED step 2, 2006) on noise control, and with an effective product design, the CP 0017 hammer gives good operator comfort.

It is featured with higher impact energy and better performance than similar-sized electric hammers.

The new CP 0017 pick hammer is designed to be used for light to medium hammer jobs in the construction industry and the industrial sector for renovation and rebuilding, concrete chiseling, roughening of (concrete) surfaces as well as chasing.

Source: Chicago Pneumatic

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