Fuel Treatment Restores Gelled Fuels

AMSOIL has introduced an addition to its premium line of diesel fuel additives. In cold-weather climates, diesel fuel can become gelled and prevent fuel from reaching the engine due to clogged fuel filters. AMSOIL Diesel Recovery is a diesel fuel treatment that liquefies gelled diesel fuel and thaws frozen fuel filters. Naturally forming wax crystals found in diesel fuel are the leading cause of gelled engine components, and AMSOIL Diesel Recovery breaks down these molecules that prevent diesels from starting in cold temperatures.

Formulated with no alcohol, which can degrade components over time, AMSOIL Diesel Recovery is non-corrosive and contains no chemicals that interact with fuel system components. The new product is safe for repeated treatments.

AMSOIL Diesel Recovery performs well in all commercially available diesel fuels, including ULSD, off-road, and biodiesel. Fuel filters do not need to be replaced when AMSOIL Diesel Recovery is used, saving downtime for diesel operators. For consumers in cold weather climates, maximized efficiency, performance, and minimal down time are all benefits of this new product.

One 30-oz bottle treats 30 gallons of fuel. Applications include auto/light truck, heavy duty diesels, agricultural equipment, off road equipment and large stationary engines.

Source: AMSOIL

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