McCann Equipment Introduces the TruCheck 750


One of the concerns in putting a torque tester into an environment where people are not calibration specialists is that incorrect selections will be made with the potential of incorrect tool setting and consequently joint failure.

The TruCheck is for click type torque wrenches and comes with a single measurement unit, lbf.ft. There is only one button on the device and that is to zero the display. Operation is simplicity itself and it is virtually impossible to go wrong!

TruCheck has an accuracy of +/-1% of reading over operating range of 75 to 750 lbf.ft and comes with a traceable calibration certificate.

McCann Equipment Ltd is in its 34th year of operations. The company is an industrial tooling distributor specializing in the sale, repair and rental of torque tools and torque related equipment. Its repair/calibration department is ISO-17025 accredited and can repair/calibrate and certify most brands of torque tools.

As well as an industrial tooling and supplies, McCann Equipment also distributes several specialty lines of products such as: Norbar Torcup, Tone, Tentec, Stanley, Skidmore-Wilhelm and many more.

Source: Équipement McCann Ltd


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