Vermeer introduces new bucket wheel attachment

Vermeer Corporation, a leading manufacturer of underground equipment, has introduced a high-capacity bucket wheel attachment for the installation of small diameter cross-country pipelines. The bucket wheel attachment is designed to work with the Vermeer® T655 COMMANDER® 3 tractor.

The bucket wheel is designed to help increase productivity in soft soils. Instead of the typical chain configuration, which positions the carbide trencher teeth in a specific formation or pattern, the wheel features a series of buckets, which rotate in a circular motion helping move more dirt from the trench. Optional pingo teeth, which enhance the removal of dirt are also available. The attachment has a cutting width of 55 cm, 61 cm or 71 cm, depending on the size of buckets used.

Vermeer has incorporated a number of unique design features into the attachment. To protect the bucket from damage, an independent metal band is bolted to the rim and acts as a leading edge to remove dirt from the trench. Should the bucket happen to hit a rock, the band is designed to break away from the rim. The band can easily be bolted back into place, saving time and allowing the operator to simply replace the band rather than the whole bucket.

The bucket wheel is powered by the Vermeer T655 tractor which features a 250 hp Tier 3 engine. An optional auto-leveling tilt track allows the operator to maintain a vertical trench on slopes up to 10,5°.

Source: Vermeer Corporation

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