Affinity Tool Works Introduces
Dtec Diamond Blade Product Division


Affinity Tool Works is pleased to announce the official launch of its Dtec™ Diamond Blade product division. Dtec offers three lines of diamond blades, Superior, Contractor and Barracuda, providing a solution for every type of construction cutting application and budget. The Dtec blades are engineered to perform and built to meet the demands of a variety of applications, and are intended to fit a wide range of both gas- and electric-powered saws.

Dtec’s Superior series offers more than ten blade sizes and is available in segmented and turbo configurations. With either a 12 mm or 15 mm segment height, the Superior segmented blades offer faster and cleaner cuts, along with a longer blade life. Featuring a modern design combining a segmented and continuous rim, the turbo blades are an ideal solution for fast, yet precise cuts on higher-end materials like granite, stone and tile. All Superior blades are built with a reinforced flange, which reduces vibration and noise and, when combined with strategically-placed cooling holes, helps prevent warping caused by excessive heat.

The Superior blades offer a unique and valuable benefit in that they have been designed with the ability to cut through steel. Unlike typical diamond blades that can be severely damaged if they encounter steel, the Superior blades are able to cut through the material easily. This makes them the ideal choice for applications where steel rebar may exist within the material, such as cutting reinforced concrete and masonry on bridge decks and roads.

Source: Affinity Tool Works, LLC

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