Arctic Snow & Ice Control Products Offers Sectional Sno-Plow for Smaller Equipment


Sectional Sno-Plow, a product division of Arctic Snow and Ice Control Products, has developed a line of plows to be used with compact equipment. The LD plows are compatible with several types of lighter-duty equipment including backhoes, skid steers, compact loaders, and tractors. Designed by an experienced snow and ice management contractor, the LD snow pushers are ideal for facility managers, and construction and landscape contractors looking for a productive solution for inactive equipment during the winter months, as well as established snow and ice control professionals.

Incorporating several unique, patented features, the LD plows increase snow removal efficiency, reduce fuel costs, and virtually eliminate follow-up plowing. The patented steel moldboard design is made up of 81 cm-wide individual sections, each featuring spring-loaded trip edges. Each moldboard section features an AR-400 hardened-steel trip cutting edge, designed to effectively scrape snow and ice down to the pavement.

Every LD plow comes equipped with Sectional Sno-Plow’s patented Slip-Hitch system, which provides quicker, easier, and more efficient operation. The plow operates independently of the machine, and automatically and continuously adjusts to the pavement grade, resulting in fewer missed areas and less follow-up plowing. Because it adjusts to the pavement mechanically, less operator time and effort is required to position the plow, making it ideal for inexperienced operators. Additionally, the hitch ensures all four tires remain on the pavement at all times. As a result, the machine is able to achieve full traction, and eliminate drag and loss of horsepower.

Designed for equipment weighing less than 6800 kg, the LD plows are available in four sizes to accommodate a range of equipment. And every LD plow is backed by a 2-year limited warranty.

Source: Arctic Snow and Ice Control Products

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