Bale Breaker for Materials
of All Kinds


The BAL-O-MAT Bale Breaker serves for unraveling of press bales from PET-bottles, waste paper, residual waste and other materials. The loosened up material is presented in a metered condition to the subsequent processes. The material degree of dispersion can be adjusted for ensuring optimal processing conditions.

In contrast to shredders and mills, the Bag Opener does not crush the material. It is merely prepared for most effective sorting. The material is being loosened up and dispersed. If necessary, an additional ripping device is available for opening tied up bundles and cartons.
The low purchase price and operating costs are further advantages of the BAL-O-MAT Bale Breaker. The machine can handle up to 20 bales/h weighing 200 - 1000 kg/m³

Source: BRT Recycling Technologie GmbH

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