ALLU Presents its Products at Intermat


ALLU Finland Ltd. designs, manufactures and markets products for the environmental and earthmoving technology fields. Its product range consists of several attachments for wheel loaders and excavators including the ALLU Screener Crusher Attachment and the ALLU Stabilisation System.

Last time at Intermat in 2009 ALLU launched the new D–series for fine screening. Now the complete series, including also the models for screening and crushing, have already been in the market for few years and the feedback is ever so positive. Quality really counts.

ALLU has stands in both the outside and inside areas. “Demos are a very important part of the ALLU concept, because people can see themselves how the machine works”, says the managing director Kauko Pylväs from ALLU Finland Ltd. and continues: “The concept is still quite new on the market and we have estimated that only 10 -20% of the potential users know our product and its benefits.”

ALLU Stabilisation System for mass stabilisation is an alternative to traditional soil strengthening methods and useful in basement projects or when it is wanted to avoid the need for more expensive muck-shifting and piling techniques. The system consists of three parts: Pressure Feeder, Power Mixer and DAC. Data Acquisition Control system.

The system is designed to improve soft soils by mixing a binder into clay, peat, mud or dredged sediments. The method can also be used in the treatment of contaminated soils, by encapsulating contaminants within the ground and preventing migration to the surrounding areas. The system has been working successfully around the world.

Source: ALLU Finland Ltd.


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