BAUER Maschinen at Intermat 2012

The BAUER Maschinen Group will once again be represented at the Intermat 2012 in Paris. At this major international trade fair, BAUER Maschinen will exhibit a broad spectrum of its specialist foundation equipment at its booth in the open-air exhibition grounds.

The highlights of this year´s exposition will be the range of foundation cranes, represented by the model MC 64 and the fully relaunched drilling rig BG 30.

The series of MC foundation cranes comprises the models MC 32, MC 64, MC 96 and the flagship MC 128. They cover lifting ranges from 32 t to 200 t.
The range of MC cranes have been developed for use as base carriers for BC trench cutters, diaphragm wall grabs and numerous other applications in special foundation construction such as Dynamic Compaction (BDC). They are equipped with two winches, each with a line pull capacity from 16 to 35 t.

The core product line of Bauer Maschinen is the BG rotary drilling line. The BG family will be represented with a BG 30.
The BG 28 mounted on a BS 80 base carrier has been the firm’s best-selling model since 2004. Relaunching the BG 28-BS 80 as BG 30-BS 95 rotary drilling rig is an excellent demonstration that even best-selling models can be improved and suitably adapted to make them fit for new challenges and applications. In addition to the suggestions made by customers this process was also driven by statutory requirements.

New and stringent exhaust emissions regulations require new generations of diesel engines and emissions management technologies. Since the beginning of 2011, new diesel engines have to meet the new emissions standards. This current phase of tightening regulations requires substantial changes in diesel engine technology, as the new exhaust gas emissions limits can only be achieved by exhaust after-treatment devices. Diesel engines must only be operated with ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel with a maximum sulfur content of 15 ppm. The exhaust after-treatment and the increase in cooling capacity require more space.

This has been taken into account in the new design of the upper carriage of the new base carrier BS 95. As exhaust emissions regulations are not, however, uniformly applied throughout the world and ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel is not yet available in every country, BAUER Maschinen will still be offering current Stage IIIA / Tier 3 diesel engines in regions outside Europe, U.S. and Japan.

The main winch has also been redesigned and mounted at the rear of the uppercarriage. Increased line pull of 274 kN in the 1st layer and a wide winch drum (2-layer operation for great drilling depths) are impressive features of the redesign.
The counterweight design concept has been completely redesigned. Stackable horizontal counterweight slabs offer numerous advantages over vertically mounted counterweight elements such as low deadweight (4.9 or 1.8 t) for easy and safe assembly and flexible configuration for different applications

The rig will be exhibited with a Bauer torque multiplier system BTM (DKS). The BTM is mounted below the rotary drive. It reverses the rotation direction of the rotary drive. The system allows the construction of “cased CFA piles”. It is a double rotary head system where a long casing and a continuous flight auger are installed at the same time. It is an ideal system for the construction of high quality secant pile walls.

KLEMM Bohrtechnik will demonstrate its competence in small bore drilling rigs by exhibiting two of their KR series anchor drills.

The idea of presenting the BAUER Maschinen group of companies as a “One-stop shop” is further emphasized by displaying equipment of MAT Mischanlagentechnik, who is the specialist for mixing, pumping and desanding as well as equipment of ABS Trenchless which is another daughter company who produces compact machinery for trenchless rehabilitation of underground lines and sewers.

Source: BAUER Maschinen

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