The Latest Bore Rig Technology at Intermat in Paris

Intermat 2012 will open its doors in Paris from April 16 - 21, 2012. Tracto-Techniques, the sister company of TRACTO-TECHNIK will be exhibiting its latest bore rigs and systems for trenchless installations at its 250 m2 booth in the outdoor area.

One of the highlights are the GRUNDORAM soil displacement hammers, operated with compressed air, which are already immensely popular in France for the underground installation of house connections, especially for gas, electricity, water and fiberglass service lines.

istance from the main line up to the house are often only a few meters, but usually filled with obstacles such as wall foundations, stairways or tree roots. It is also important to look out for adjacent service lines close to the bore path. The twin-stroke method provides a high propulsion precision for the non-steerable soil displacement hammer. To minimize the risks, a probe can be installed into the head of the hammer to constantly control the propulsion and position of the soil displacement hammer. This improves the application safety immensely, as in case of any deviation from the intended bore path, it is therefore possible to retrieve the hammer in reverse mode immediately.

The GRUNDODRILL 15 XP is in a completely different league. This steerable bore unit can install HDPE pipes up to ND 500 without any interruptions at all, over lengths of up to 300 m. The semi-automatic bore mode allows for a quicker and more comfortable completion of your bore tasks. This machine has also found numerous users in France, thanks to its reliable operation method, for applications when crossing under rivers, but also for road and railway embankments.

For the renewal of old pipes the GRUNDOBURST pipe cracking method is an ideal solution, which can be applied for replacing worn out pressure and sewage pipes made of almost every pipe material, with pipes of the same size or even larger diameters. With the new additional device BURSTFORM it is now possible to pull in HDPE long pipe lengths via a revision shaft (diameter ≥ 1000 mm) into the old canal. The special feature is the low cross-section loss due to the new pipes being close-tight to the old pipe wall and also due to the limitation of civil engineering work.


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