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"Quality Changes The World” is the slogan of SANY, a Chinese manufacturer of construction machinery. This is but one of the reasons why this company has been growing rapidly ever since it was established in 1989. Today the firm is present in more than 160 countries worldwide, and more than 20% of its annual operating income originates from international business – a percentage that continues to grow.

SANY develops and produces products that are helping the global upswing. Innovations in the construction machinery industry are increasing safety and profitability while simultaneously reducing emissions. The company’s enormous product range includes concrete pumps, pile drivers, winding engines, shovel excavators, machinery for road, harbour and mine work, and wind turbines.

In order to retain its position as an innovation leader, every year SANY invests 5 to 7% of its sales revenues in research and development, and holds 1,200 patents worldwide. It is working with the Fraunhofer Institutes in a number of fields, and additional expansion is planned.

The SANY Group is present worldwide. Headquartered in the city of Changsha in China’s Hunan province, the Group also produces SANY machinery at seven other locations in China. In addition, the company boasts international production, research and development facilities in Brazil, India and the USA, as well as in Germany since 2011.

SANY Germany GmbH is based in Bedburg, a city located 40 km west of Cologne. The company is investing a total of 100 million € (131 millions $) in its German operations in North Rhine-Westphalia, constructing a new plant and research and development centre that currently employs more than 200 people. As many as 600 new jobs are to be created here over the next three to five years.

SANY Germany GmbH will be doing more than just serving the German market, as it is also the European headquarters, as well as the worldwide headquarters for the concrete machinery industry. It is from here that the individual queries and requirements of national markets will be taken care of. Yet another example of SANY’s global orientation, and another chapter in its international success story.

Source: SANY Germany GmbH


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