Dynapac PL350TD Compact Planer

Dynapac’s new PL350TD compact planer offers a variety of new technical developments, including the Easy Level leveling system and milling drum technology. It is well suited for milling of joints, flush cutting, removing road markings and other jobs where defective asphalt or concrete surfaces are cut.

The PL350TD mills 35 cm wide to a depth of 10 cm with a cutting diameter of 52 cm. With both a left and right steering angle of 75° and a milling radius of only 10 cm, the PL350TD is specifically designed for flush milling of manhole covers, but it also makes it easy to maneuver in narrow construction sites with little effort.

The front ballast of the Dynapac PL350TD can easily be removed from the machine with a forklift when a job requires less weight. The balanced distribution of weight, provided by the removable ballast, allows for milling without vibrations. This feature is beneficial when performing sensitive tasks such as demarcation.

Positioning the driver behind the cutting drum permits a clear view of the cutting edge. The driver’s placement on the rear platform facilitates faster, safer mounting and dismounting.

Source: Atlas Copco Road Construction Equipment

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