Fraco takes good care of CHUM-RC


Fraco Products Ltd has launched its new range of construction elevators, the SEH Series. This operation was performed within the construction of the Research Centre of the Centre hospitalier de l'Universite de Montreal (CHUM-RC).

The CHUM-RC is the first phase in the redevelopment of the Centre hospitalier de l'Universite de Montreal. The new campus will be relocated in front of the Research Centre and will be fully integrated to the latter. The Research Centre consists of two towers of 16 and 6 floors with a surface area of approximately 68 800 m2. The project be completed in September 2013.

Over the last year, the construction site had to deal with an important influx of workers and materials. For example, more than 500 employees worked on the site during peak periods. In addition, the construction of two towers needed 100,000 concrete blocks which were mostly placed inside the building. To facilitate supply on the floors, the blocks were moved by using a pulley system with a load capacity of 2,268 kg. This among other things allowed a minimum utilization of indoor and outdoor hoists. Finally, some 45 000 m3 of concrete were poured in eight months.

Until now, the main challenges of the site were twofold: 1) time, which was very short for a building of this size; 2) space, because the site is small and built in a residential area.

In addition, the construction is performed over a subway track and a highway. In order to accelerate the access of materials on floors, two Fraco SEH Series construction elevators were installed on the eastern side of the tallest tower. The SEH Series is provided with a rack and pinion lifting mechanism. Both cabins were mounted on a mast of 87 m of height. Each cabin measured 3.9 m in length, offering a payload capacity of 2700 kg. A counterweight system was also used for the project which allowed a travel speed between 0 and 100 m/min. Sixteen landing doors were used to guarantee asafe access to each floor. The Fraco hoist had to be efficient and effective because both elevators were used from 5:30 AM to 7:30 PM, six days a week.

Fraco Products Ltd is a Canadian manufacturer of mast climbing access systems. Work platforms, construction hoists and industrial lifts, are effective solutions for building construction, as well as industrial markets (construction of storage tanks), infrastructure works (construction and repair of bridges and overpasses) and power generation sector (chimney demolition, repair of hyperbolic cooling towers and dams). Fraco has also earned a solid reputation in developing access systems for special projects. The company serves markets in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Source: Les Produits Fraco Ltd


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