New Tracto-Technik Products at Bauma


For the 16th time Tracto-Technik will present their complete bore technology spectrum and their latest products at Bauma in Munich.


The GRUNDOMAT soil displacement hammers have been on show since 1970, which are strongly being applied for FTTH house connections. A strong characteristic of the 7th Grundomat N generation is the unusual shape of the head, which is described as a crowned head. This head is unique and guarantees a high penetration force and target precision in stony soils. The GRUNDOMAT N is optionally available with the proven stepped head from the previous generation. A further improvement to this machine is the triple gear control stud. This was designed to react better in alternating soils, therefore the GRUNDOMAT N not only has the reverse gear, but can be switched between two forward gears with different striking frequencies.

The GRUNDODRILL 18 ACS, also known as the Black Mole has been introduced to potential customers last year and has already found wide acceptance. This flexible bore rig is equipped with twin tube drill rods for rock drilling up to 500 mm diameter and 300 m bore lengths, or with the Twin-Drive drill rods for regular bores with drilling fluid up to 600 mm diameter and 400 m bore lengths. The bore length record for rock drilling is currently 270 m. The GRUNDODRILL 18 ACS, with its very high technical standard is equipped with everything you need for an efficient bore operation.

The successor to GRUNDODRILL 15 XP is the GRUNDODRILL 15 XPT. With this rig you can pull in pipes up to 450 mm diameter. Apart from an improvement and optimization of the performance, the focus was placed on an improvement of the work and operating safety during the development phase.

In addition to the HDD bore rigs from Tracto-Technik, our partner company Prime Drilling will also be exhibiting their HDD large size bore rigs on the 1,500 m² exhibition booth.

Operating companies and users from the domestic field and abroad are in unity: The GRUNDOPIT K Keyhole technology is the key to an economical house connection. The Keyhole is intended for new installations with a soil displacement hammer, or with a steerable mini-bore rig GRUNDOPIT K and also for the cable pulling device GRUNDOTUGGER.

There is a pleasant additional effect for the Keyhole, in avoiding tears and frost damages in the road surface, due to the circular form.

To complete the previous GRUNDOBURST range a new GRUNDOBURST type with 1,900 kN pulling force has been added, for new pipe installations up to Ø 900. This closes the gap between the 1250 G and the 2500 G sizes and has already been successful at several jobsites during its practical test phase.

The new geothermal energy bore rig Geodrill 8R is the successor model for the Geodrill 4R and the prototype will be on show at Bauma. The rig is now swivable from 30° to 95° and therefore not only applicable for slanted bores, but also for vertical bores. Furthermore the Geodrill 8R fulfils further tasks in well building, foundation work and anchoring work fields. The motor capacity is 55 kW, additionally the torque was increased from 2,500 Nm to 8,000 Nm.

Source: Tracto-Technik GmbH & Co. KG

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