ALLU Will Have Something New at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2014

CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2014 opens its doors on March 4th in Las Vegas. ALLU Group will be there with new products on display. The new M-Series mobile screener crusher for though mining environment will be launched. Also new are the light ALLU DL-Series screening buckets that are perfect tools for e.g. landscaping purposes. One should also remember to check the new ALLU 3D positioning system for mass stabilization.

After years of careful studies and tests ALLU is now launching the ALLU M-Series for mining sector. The exhibition visitors are now able to see the “monster” live for the very first time ever at CONEXPO-CON/AGG. The official launching of the unit will be held on Wednesday March 5th on ALLU booth at 4 p.m.

The new M-Series includes 3 models for excavators from 50 t to 200 t and 3 models for wheel loaders from 30 t to 100 t. The M-Series units will change the whole material processing concept in mining sector: now the machine is brought to the material and not the other way around. Substantial savings are achieved with this new method of working.

The new DL-Series includes 3 new models. The new models widen the complete D-Series product range of screener crusher and fine screening buckets that ALLU offers. The core of the new DL-Series is the unique Top Screen technology, developed by ALLU.

This construction is clog free and it ensures good capacity even with wet materials. The ALLU DL-Series screening buckets can be installed to 4 - 12 t excavators and 2 - 8 t loaders. The DL units are on display and working on the demo area through the whole exhibition.

In the mass stabilization process dry powder like binder is fed by an ALLU PF pressure feeder and mixed to the soft and/or contaminated soil by an ALLU PMX mixing head mounted on an excavator. As an end result soil can be strengthened or encapsulated suitable for further use. The mixing head can now be positioned to the right place on the work area with the help of the new ALLU 3D positioning system and the driver knows all the time where the mixing unit head is located underground. The system consists of 4 modules: computer unit with software, touch screen, base station and gps-antennas utilizing gps signals.

The new system eases the mixing work and at the same time ensures homogenous mixing results and accurate binder feeding on each cell/block. The accurate binder feeding also reduces the consumption of the expensive binder. The advanced reporting with ALLU program, reports data from each block and cell processed. The new ALLU 3D positioning system can be mounted on every ALLU stabilization system, new or old. The 3D system is also on display at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2014.

Source: ALLU Finland Oy

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