Cut Your Set-Up and Teardown Time in Half
with Thor Global’s Hammer Axle™

Thor’s Fold Up Hammer Axle™ is simple and unique as the main cylinders meet at a common pivot point at the center of the head undercarriage, reducing stresses on the overall structure of the machine. Select models of ThorStacker™ and ThorLoPro™ conveyors have been redesigned to accommodate the new Hammer Axle™ design. Both outriggers sit on a walking beam to provide balanced pressure to ground on unlevel terrains. Adjust the main cylinders to compensate for minor slope variations and maintain a smooth radial motion. Walking beams have also been added to both transport axles on all Hammer Axle™ stackers for improved onsite mobility.

Thor’s Fold Up Hammer Axle™ has the widest radial footprint in the industry providing greater structural stability. Standard features of the Hammer Axle™ include electric drive, VFD for smooth travel and all terrain tires that work well in rough terrain. Optional OTR tires for more serious conditions available on request. Additional safety features include a check valve to ensure no hydraulic creep occurs while in operation.

Thor’s Fold Up Hammer Axle™ is currently available on all 91 cm telescopic conveyors up to 45.7 m.

Source: Thor Global Enterprises Ltd.

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