The 7 Secrets to Extend the Life of your Sweeper Brushes

The majority of people do not appreciate street sweepers as they should. Odds are, most people do not recognize the health preventive side of having clean streets. Like any fleet vehicle, maintenance is an essential part of delivering quality service while keeping costs under control.

Since extending sweeper brush life is part and parcel to street sweeper maintenance while maintaining operation overall cost low, EDDYNET is giving you the 7 secrets for optimal brush performance:

Secret No 1 : Don’t buy cheap brushes. The economy at first blush and may seems to be a good deal but this potential economy will be quickly erased by poor performance, fast wear and down time to replace them.

Secret No 2 : Make sure all broom linkages are in serviceable condition. Their functionality is to guaranty the optimal contact with the ground whatever the surface variation of the street.

Just as keeping tires properly inflated can reduce gas mileage, keeping linkages in good condition can reduce wear on the sweeper brushes. Preventive maintenance is always cost effective.

Secret No 3 : Do not put too much down pressure. The most common cause of premature wear of the brushes is using too much down pressure than necessary. Excessive down pressure will create too much contact surface with the street causing filament to wear at a faster rate. The sweeping pattern should be checked before every use. Do not mop, sweep!

Secret No 4 : The angle of the gutter broom is critical. If the forward and outward tilt angle are not settled properly it will cause premature wear. Again, too much filament in contact with the street is causing wear without increasing the performance.

Secret No 5 : Many rotary sweepers offer features that help the operator avoid excessive down pressure and adjust the proper angle without affecting productivity. Most of the time return of investment for these options is short.
Secret No 6 : Sweeping is not a race; too many times, operators are trying to go too fast. Surfaces and conditions varies and the majority of rotary sweepers are designed for a maximum speed of 10 km/h. Just like in the tortoise and the hare fable, a slow and constant speed will win.

Secret No 7 : Training before use : Besides the purchase of quality brushes, all the other aspects allowing an optimal use of the brushes can be addressed by an adequate training of the operators. Their understanding of “why” certain elements are critical will give them the necessary autonomy to make adjustments and interventions at the appropriate time.

Source: Eddynet Inc.

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