JOST Eco-Friendly Grease Helping Fleets Improve Their Green Credentials

As environmental pressures continue to drive changes to the old manners of doing things, many companies are working hard to find ways to improve their green credentials that will not damage their bottom line. The introduction of a biodegradable lubricant for 5th wheel couplings from JOST is allowing fleets to make an eco-friendly buying decision that improves the reliability of their vehicles.

Manually-lubricated 5th wheel systems require an average of 10 kg of lubricating grease every year. As we see more businesses announcing a commitment to investment in their green credentials, JOST is recommending that fleets turn to automated lubrication systems coupled with biodegradable grease.

With the development of the electronically-controlled LubeTronic system, JOST has already succeeded in reducing the amount of grease needed to about 1.6 kg per year. It has also developed a grease that is biodegradable in accordance with the OECD 301 B biodegradation test. In independent tests, the high-performance lubricant exceeded the demands of the standard and received the rating of “readily biodegradable”, which means it degrades especially quickly and easily.

The lubricant is ideally formulated for use in combination with LubeTronic and is offered at the same price as the standard lubricant product – making it easy for all end-users to switch and improve their ecological footprint.

“The drive to improve environmental standard within our industry should be applauded, however it's important that legislators understand the economic pressures that all fleet operators face – whether they're an SME or nationally-recognized brand,” commented Danny Broomfield, JOST Sales Director for the UK and Ireland. “JOST has a long history of innovation across all of its brands – driven by a commitment to improve the reliability and performance of our customers’ vehicles. By introducing the LubeTronic and eco-friendly grease we’re helping fleet operators to make the environmental gains that are necessary without compromising on the reliability or profitability of their vehicles.”

Source: Jost UK Ltd.

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