Addition of MICHELIN XTRA LOAD 21.00R33 Rigid Dump Truck Tire Completes Lineup



Michelin North America, Inc., is completing the MICHELIN® X®TRA LOAD lineup with the addition of the 21.00R33 dimension for rigid dump trucks (RDT). The new MICHELIN® X®TRA LOAD GRIP and the MICHELIN® X®TRA LOAD PROTECT will allow users to increase load capacity or accommodate more distance per hour to maximize productivity. 

Both the MICHELIN XTRA LOAD GRIP and the MICHELIN XTRA LOAD PROTECT will be offered in A4 and B rubber compounds.

The new MICHELIN XTRA LOAD tire is available for 2 surface rigid dump truck applications:

  • MICHELIN XTRA LOAD PROTECT for hard, sharp, abrasive conditions on flat, dry surfaces, where the priority is protection and damage resistance – conditions often found in quarries and construction sites. This application is for customers who want to carry more load or increase the distances they carry up to a maximum speed of 33.8 km/h. With a longer wear life, the revolutionary tread pattern contains a greater volume of tread rubber and has better load distribution across the contact patch. The interlocking blocks and improved heat dissipation yield a cooler running tire that allows increased speeds. Corrosion-proof cables within the tire structure increase aggression resistance.
  • MICHELIN XTRA LOAD GRIP for soft, loose, muddy ground conditions in mining and quarry operations on slopes and inclines, where the priority is high grip and traction. A reinforced casing gives the tire more load capacity per machine – a huge increase in productivity when multiplied by the number of cycles made daily. The tread is comprised of 30% more biting lug edges, which improves braking, cornering and acceleration in loose ground conditions. The tire can handle speeds up to 33.8 km/h thanks to cooler internal running temperatures. The tire also provides a longer wear life with more rubber in the contact patch and improved damage resistance with corrosion-proof steel cables.

The XTRA LOAD series is also available in sizes 18.00R33 and 24.00R35.

Source: Michelin North America, Inc.

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