Hatz Realigns Component Business for the Future




“Ensuring the future-proof, economically-sustainable positioning of Hatz’s individual business areas” is the principle that has moved the company management to take this important step. Hence, on December 1, 2021, Hatz Components GmbH started operating as an independent company within the Hatz Group.

Hatz Components manufactures high-precision metal components (especially conrods and crankshafts for the non-captive market) for various industries, such as the international automotive and commercial vehicle industry and manufacturers of agricultural vehicles. The reorientation of automotive OEMs indirectly improves the prospects of component manufacturing. The focus of the automotive industry on electric powertrain solutions and the resulting reduction of internally produced combustion engine components pushes up the volume on the free market. Accordingly, the demand for reliable partners with profound expertise and superior production quality remains high. Happily, Hatz Components is well prepared to meet this demand.

“Ruhstorf an der Rott is the center of all core Hatz operations,” said Bern Krüper, CEO of Motorenfabrik Hatz. “The foundation of Hatz Components GmbH will improve the focus of the work and production processes on specific value streams and the effective adaptation of the portfolio to future combustion engine requirements. The goal is to be able to accommodate the requirements of the various on-highway and off-highway customers in a more specific manner, to increase flexibility, to cut costs, and to streamline operations.”

Mr. Krüper also manages Hatz Components GmbH. In the upcoming financial year, Hatz expects record sales, both in the field of components and in engine production, provided that this will be possible against the backdrop of the tense coronavirus situation and the associated supply bottlenecks.

The new company will deliver numerous benefits for existing customers who were already valuing the approach of Motorenfabrik Hatz GmbH as well as for potential new customers. The company is committed to customer orientation, high quality standards, and personal initiative.

“As a supplier, we are well aware of the major challenges combustion engine-focused suppliers are confronted with, in view of the increasing concentration on electric powertrain solutions. However, in the context of reduced carbon emissions and on the path toward climate neutrality, we believe that it is important to be open to various technologies and also to further develop combustion engines. This is especially true when it comes to the use of alternative fuels, such as synthetic fuels or hybrid technologies. As a highly specialized partner, we are willing to intensify our strategic partnerships with customers who are faced with the same sourcing challenges with regard to combustion engines. And of course, we will continue to supply our fellow Hatz combustion engine company Motorenfabrik Hatz according to its needs,” said Kevin Unrath, director corporate development and marketing.

Hatz Components GmbH plans on offering customers even more flexibility, shorter decision-making routes, and more intensive joint development throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Meanwhile, the “Engines and Systems” division, which operates under the Motorenfabrik Hatz brand, is driving the technological evolution of the powertrain portfolio and of software-based solutions such as intelligent engine status monitoring. Motorenfabrik Hatz GmbH & Co. KG is pursuing a long-term innovation strategy of technological openness and progressive emission reduction, which will culminate in a zero-emission portfolio of engines and systems.

Source: Motorenfabrik Hatz GmbH & Co. KG

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