How to Clamp the Largest and Heaviest Workpieces Easily




Workpieces up to 50 cm are usually mechanically and manually clamped with 3- or 4-jaw chucks, or automatically by pneumatic or hydraulic. If, however, the parts to be machined are larger, then planar disks are used. They also hold much larger parts safely on site with jaw boxes and tensioning spindles.

Due to the proven principle of force multiplication by means of wedge clamping, standard thread sizes, can produce clamping forces of up to 500 kN. In addition, self-locking is achieved in each tensioning position as well as a high degree of stiffness. The power clamping spindles are equipped with an internal switchover to switch between external and internal clamping.

The MSP/MSPD power clamping spindles from JAKOB Antriebstechnik convince by their very high clamping forces, a large clamping range and easy operation and assembly.

The JAKOB force measuring systems are particularly simple. The FMS intelligent clamping claw even allows a constant clamping force control during the machining of the workpieces. The determined data can be transmitted wirelessly directly to a handheld display device or PC.

Source: JAKOB Antriebstechnik

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