New PTFE-Free Texturing Agent for Powder Coatings


Clariant has developed Ceridust® 8170M; a PTFE-free alternative texturing agent for powder coatings that delivers performance without the negative aspects of PTFE (polytétrafluoroéthylène), a fluoropolymer within the PFAS group of chemicals.

PTFE was developed in 1938 by Dr. Roy Plunkett, an employee of the chemical company, DuPont. It found its way into space later as insulation material for cables, such as in the Apollo missions.
PTFE’s unique properties have enabled its growth into many other areas, such as powder coatings. PTFE can enhance the scratch resistance and slip performance or act as a texturizing additive, providing powder coatings with the right consistency and stability for many applications.

However, there are increasing concerns about PTFE’s impact on human health & the environment, leading to the consequential legislative action to potentially restrict its use.

The issue with PFAS lies in their persistence and their ability to endure in the environment for a very long time: their degradation can take up to 100 years. Additionally, some PFAS substances are known to be toxic and can be linked to various health concerns.

This has resulted in a call for more eco-friendly and PTFE-free alternatives. Furthermore, if the restrictive policies of EU regulators prevail, PTFE-free solutions will soon become a significant business imperative.

Ceridust 8170 M combines 2 ideas that have, until now, only existed separately: the texturing qualities of PTFE and the environmental benefits of a PTFE-free alternative. Ceridust 8170 M has the added benefit of reduced energy consumption as part of the powder coating extrusion process.

Source: Clariant International Ltd

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